Have you ever wondered whether there is a website that offers complete news package related to Crypto Currency arena? Here we are! ICOMAPZ is a comprehensively written blog which aims to deliver latest news about the cryptocurrency world.

For starters, Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money which came into the existence few years ago. The attempt became a success with the rapid emergence of Bitcoin to the fore with many people embracing the newly formed coin. This led the way to the formation of many other alternative coins and we are currently witnessing one of the greatest revolutions the mankind has ever seen.

One of the important concepts that emerged with cryptocurrency is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) concept where ICO currently play a crucial role in raising funds for new ideas and applications. Initial Coin Offering is a great way to raise funds for new applications and there are many initial coin offering programmes at the moment.

We thought that it would be great if we can come up with a blog where we can express our reviews, analysis, researches and trending news about the crypto currency world. ICOMAPZ is a result of our thought. You can follow us to learn more in terms of insights and detailed reviews to be familiar with the crypto arena. We also focus heavily on the rise of ICO programmes which should pave the way for you to be aware of top initial coin offering programmes. Stay tuned!